During my time at Nottingham Playhouse I have developed a significant number of plays as producer, both for schools and the main stage. Often working with emerging artists I found this part of my work fascinating. To identify potential plays, select creative teams that would work harmoniously together, help them through design and casting, then on to production and performance was a challenging role.

Finding ways to sublimate one’s own artistic ambitions and prejudices is a salutary activity!

I am also very aware as producer of the need for accurate forecasting of expenditure, the monitoring of activity by creative, marketing and technical team members and watching out for the bookings so that the all important income targets are met.

As with many theatres, co-production has become an important way of making work that involves a variety of artists, maximises on investments and can earn bigger returns. There are no easy answers and no sharing is ever the same, it is a necessity of our age. Co-producing with companies from other countries is even more challenging but in my experience it has been also most liberating and has offered me continuing professional development.

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