Having worked in theatre buildings since 1974 I have experienced a number of consultancies into a variety of areas of dramatic activity and the theatre business. As a board member of Red Earth Theatre I have been active in developing the business plan and shaping the artistic output of the company in an advisory capacity. As an ACE Artistic Assessor I visit and see many other organisations at work.

In the last thirteen years I have contributed to numerous discussion papers which sought to quantify, qualify, justify and exemplify the work of Nottingham Playhouse. I have also acted as sympathetic ear/consultant to Big Window, AJTC and Krazy Kat theatre companies.

This is a new area of work that I wish to develop. I hope that my experience, my vision, my business-like attitude and my extensive networks of colleagues and friends will ensure that I am able to offer advice and focus discussions in order to help other artists move forward.

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