WP_000091Welcome to my web site, I hope you find it interesting and that it contains information that is useful to you. I’ve been a theatre director specialising in work for children and young people for nearly forty years. For most of that time I’ve worked within building based theatres, although much of my work has taken place out in schools and community locations.

I’m really interested in the development of new writing, the making of artistic collaborations with overseas artists and giving young people an understanding and knowledge of the theatre so that they can develop their own voice.

I’ve been exceptionally lucky that I’ve had wonderful colleagues with which to work; if we’ve made enjoyable productions, then it’s been because of the contributions of the team.

I am first and foremost a theatre director who seems to be able to offer something to actors on the rehearsal floor. To the rest of the creative team I hope I ask intelligent questions that enable them to do their jobs. However, I have also been a producer, an arts administrator and a teacher in a very wide variety of situations.

Early in my career I was involved in the development of the Theatre-in-Education movement. I’ve directed most of the great plays and programmes and I hope that I still retain something of the philosophy in my current work. It seems to me that theatre asks questions about the ways in which we behave towards each other. It encourages debate and in those discussions we start to change our view of the world, just a bit. Ultimately, it’s that debate about what humanity is and what we could be, that is at the heart of the democracy in which we live.